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Diablo 4: Ice Shards Sorcerer Endgame Guide

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2023 3:41 am    Post subject: Diablo 4: Ice Shards Sorcerer Endgame Guide Reply with quote

Welcome to the Ice Shards Sorcerer Endgame Build Guide. This build transforms your Sorcerer into an Ice-based machine gun shooting out Ice Shards around 1000 Rounds Per Minute. With its great single-target DPS and relatively long-range, this build will go pretty far in Nightmare Dungeons. The AoE damage could be a bit lacking but we now have Shatter along with pull from Inferno or Raiment from the Infinite to deal with that.

This build can technically be played at range, but all of the really good stuff Sorcerers have (Frost Nova and Raiment from the Infinite) occur in melee so every build needs to be melee to some degree. During the Boss fights, however, these two things don't work, which means you are free to run to Narnia and shoot the Boss after that.

The Ice Shards Sorcerer isn't very determined by any specific Legendary Aspects. The Codex of Power versions of Prodigy’s and Piercing Cold tend to be more than enough to create the building work. However, lots of the build's power is locked behind Frost Nova. The build can seem to be somewhat sluggish before you get enough Cooldown Reduction and ranks in Frost Nova to create it spammable.

In this informative guide, we educate you on all you need to know to show your Sorcerer right into a literal machine gun and also have a blast doing the work. Let's dive into it!

Ice Shards

Ice Shards are our main skill. It deals high single-target damage and may even keep a single enemy permanently Vulnerable with Destructive Ice Shards. With ricochets from Enhanced Ice Shards, Aspect of Piercing Cold, and it is own Enchantment it is also pretty decent for AoE.

Skill Progression

With this build, you've three distinct points in your journey from fresh level 50 to completely maxed and optimized level 100:

In the beginning, you do not have enough Mana to constantly spam Ice Shards. To fix this problem, we make use of the Avalanche passive. However, without Shatter our AoE suffers greatly. As a substitute for Shatter, we now have Fireball Enchantment, and also at this stage, we do not lose anything from lacking Burning.

When you stack enough Mana Cost Reduction, Resource Generation, and Lucky Hit Chance to spam Ice Shards with no reservations, you change to Shatter and obtain Fire Bolt Enchantment and all of the Burning synergies. At around the same time frame, your Vulnerable Damage should get high enough (80%+) to change your upgrade to Destructive Ice Shards. Without Avalanche, Lucky Hit Chance diminishes importance therefore we transfer points from Precision Magic into Hoarfrost.

Finally, the final change comes about when you find Raiment from the Infinite. With this item we no more need Inferno for that pull, therefore we get Meteor instead (remove some points from Elemental Dominance to obtain Wizard's Meteor). It gives us Immobilize, greatly boosting our damage via Offensive Aspect of Control and Devouring Blaze.

sorcerer Enchantment Slots

The Enchantment Slots allow Sorcerers to pick up to two spells and receive powerful passive effects from their store. You must have a minimum of one rank inside a skill to place it into an Enchantment Slot, however, it doesn't have to be in your skill bar.

On this build, we pick the Ice Shards and Fire Bolt Enchantments. The former is our main supply of AoE damage. When we cast Frost Nova, Ice Shards automatically fire at each Frozen enemy. Each of these shards may then ricochet and pierce through multiple enemies and also the result from it all is absolute icy devastation. Fire Bolt Enchantment is less flashy but very useful. It lets us use various stats for example Damage to Burning Enemies or Damage Reduction from Burning Enemies, in addition to Devouring Blaze passive.

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